Wondering what your session with Robert might be like?

As you can see, some (sessions) can be more challenging than others. Below is a snippet of a Recording Session with Boston Scientific. In my defense, I (finally) manage to deliver the line; “Coupled with splitters our expanded lead portfolio offers an unrivaled number of lead configuration options for spinal cord stimulation” (Try saying that three times fast). Accordingly, I channel Orson Welles near the end of the recording…damn frozen peas!

“Where do you record?”

I come to your home or office and prefer to work early in the morning. I require coffee and a very dimly lit environment (I tend to be cranky before 6AM). Just kidding! I record from my fully equipped home studio in Los Angeles. I’m available 24/7.

“Aren’t you Union?”

You say that like it’s a bad thing! But seriously, I’m Financial Core which means I work both union and non-union. Union jobs are handled through my Los Angeles agent – Idiom Worldwide (888) 800-8070 (or) Artist Management Agency in Orange County (619) 233-6655.

“Are you Expensive?”

How dare you!I What am I a piece of meat? I’m embarrassed for both of us! [Take 2] In my opinion, I’m neither cheap nor am I expensive. I provide a premium voice over production service used by some of the largest companies in the World. That said, I’m flexible. Hit me with your best shot, send me a script, I’ll audition – then, we can discuss budgetary needs (for both parties) as they relate to individual projects. I do not have a “price sheet”.

“What about retakes?”

I aim to please! I’m want you to be as happy with your project as I am with the sound of my own voice. [Take 2] Yes, I’m happy to make minor changes and corrections up to 72 hours post delivery of your final WAV or AIF file. Changes made after 72 hours will be accompanied by a minor charge. Complete script re-writes are negotiated on a “script-by-script basis”.

“Will you help me write your script?”

I’m not the guy you want writing your script- seriously. I can barely read as it is! [Take 2] In all seriousness, copy writing is not my forte’. However, I suggest you spell phonetically any technical/regional names or words in your script. This will limit the need for retakes and additional expense associated with your project.

“How do I book you?”

What a fantastic question! Visit my Representation Page for the appropriate contact information.

“How do I become a voice actor?”

Becoming a voice actor is no different than pursuing a career in acting for the stage or screen. It’s an exciting journey filled with education, enriching experiences and numerous psyche numbing defeats and setbacks more often leading to poverty or a career in professional “waiter’ing” than success or riches (I’m only half kidding). Statistics aside, the people who “make it” enjoy one of the most rewarding jobs in world. If you’re serious about exploring voice over as a potential career check out the book:”Talk Funny for Money” by Pamela Lewis. It remains one of my favorite books on the subject. If you reside in Southern California visit Del Mar Media Arts. D.M.A. is one of few accredited acting academies in the United States that teach the fundamentals of Voice Over Acting.

“Will you coach me? Or critique my work?”

Coaching isn’t my cup of tea and I don’t get caught up in critiquing someone else’s personal work. However, from time to time I guest direct at Del Mar Media Arts in Irvine. Check out the previous FAQ for their website and contact information.